Mileage Correction Made Easy for American Buick GL8 by 100X

With CGDI CG100X programmer, adjusting the mileage on all American Buick GL8 vehicles manufactured from 2017 until now has become easier. Equipped with the latest Body Computer Module (BCM), which stores vital mileage data, these vehicles previously required a filter for dashboard mileage adjustment. However, thanks to the release of CG100X, this process can now be completed without the need for a filter.

CGDI CG100X Buick GL8 2017-2023 D70F3558 (BCM) wiring diagram



Key tips:

Connect six cables.

Refer to the wiring diagram to disconnect the connection between the pin and the marked point, and remove the designated resistor. Both connection and resistor must be restored after mileage adjustment.


To adjust the mileage, follow these simple steps:

Connect CGDI CG100X programmer and the Buick GL8 BCM using the Pro Adaptation line, and connect CG100X to your computer via a USB cable.


Run the CG100X software (version or above) and select Dashboard, followed by American car, Buick, GL8, and 2017-2023 D70F3558 (BCM).

Then click on “Start Operation.”



Click “Read data” to retrieve the chip ID: D70F3558.


Store this data under a new file name.


The software will automatically identify the current mileage.

Input the new mileage, then press “OK”


The data writing process will begin automatically, so you don’t have to click “Write.”


Simply wait for the mileage correction process to finish.

Afterward, disconnect CGDI CG100X programmer and GL8 BCM, restore the BCM, and reinstall it back into the vehicle.

In summary, CGDI CG100X programmer simplifies mileage adjustment for American Buick GL8 vehicles manufactured from 2017, no filter is needed. The process involves connecting the programmer, running the software, reading and storing data, inputting new mileage, and waiting for the correction process to finish, reinstall the BCM back into the vehicle when done.