The New CG100X Will Coming Soon

The upcoming CG100X is a potent device that encompasses 90% of car models and modules in the market, including American, German, French, European, Korean, Japanese, Italian, domestic series, engineering vehicles, and motorcycles, making it the top preference for your store. Featuring six functions, this tool is highly efficient for repair shops.

The CG100X has six functions that make it a highly efficient tool for repair shops.

1. Ten Major Accessories, Categorized by Function.

In addition to the mainframe, there are 10 non-overlapping functional accessories included. They use a DB25 connection method, which is more stable and secure. The line numbers are clearly labeled to avoid soldering errors.

2. Improved Read/Write Speed and Status Monitoring

Compared to conventional programmers on the market, CG100X has an overall speed increase of over 120% in chip reading and writing, and some chips can even reach 200%. The operation is monitored in real-time to protect data and chips.

For large-capacity 8-pin chips, the read/write speed is improved by over 500%, reducing operation time and eliminating customer waiting. This truly achieves the effect of “doing more with less effort”.

3. Non-Dismantling 8-Pin Design and Pin Detection

Supports non-dismantling of 8-pin chips, avoids the risk of back and forth soldering. Strong driving capability and unaffected by communication interference.

Provides pin detection, with red indicating poor contact and green indicating good contact, visually displaying the pin status.

More compatible with Honda instrument cluster non-dismantling, providing wiring diagrams to avoid motor damage caused by pointer disassembly. More non-dismantling wiring diagrams are continuously being added.

4. Intelligent Algorithm and Real-time Upgrade

Automatically analyzes the instrument cluster mileage with an error of no more than 32km. Some hybrid models support modifying HEV+EV, and engineering vehicles can modify working time. More than 50% of trucks provide fuel consumption modification.

Airbag computer reset provides two options: fault clearing and data overlay.

a) Fault clearing: The chip stores original data and clear fault codes, such as collision or airbag faults. By selecting this repair method, only the relevant fault data in the chip will be cleared, and other data areas will not be affected.

b) Data overlay: If we are not sure if the job is second-hand or not the most original data, we can choose this repair method. After replacing all the data in the chip, it may report fault codes due to different vehicle configurations, and we may need to reprogram to match.

Key development focus on R7F7 instrument cluster, D70F instrument cluster, SPC instrument cluster, and new airbag computers, achieving 100% non-destructive removal of eight-legged chips and committing to covering 99% of the market’s vehicle models and modules.

5. Hardware Upgrade, Data Loss Prevention

Although only differing by one letter, CG100X and CG100 devices are fundamentally different. CG100X adopts the ideal industry architecture design, equipped with the world’s most advanced MCU, known as the fighter jet in the single-chip microcomputer industry, providing more stable and secure operation.

The hardware advantages are derived from market demand. We value customer feedback and suggestions. CG100X will make it easier to support new modules and new chips.

CG100X adopts DB25 communication interface, with compact design and stronger driving ability. It can be upgraded to OBD mode in the future, and supports multiple automotive communication protocols such as CAN, LIN, and K.

6. Convenient Access and Automatic Search

a) Open the software without inserting any device for easy viewing of vehicle models and functions;

b) Vehicle search automatically matches special characters such as spaces and hyphens, regardless of case;

c) Universal programmer search directly displays the chip through the mask;

d) Click to enter from the list interface or press Enter to enter;

e) Supports image zooming and display the file open/save path.

7. Six major functions, tens of thousands of models.

a) Dashboard mileage repair

The software embedded in CG100X comes with intelligent algorithms, automatic analysis of mileage data, supports more than 4600 models with a success rate of more than 95%, and is continuously upgraded in real-time to keep up with the market.

b) Airbag repair

It contains more than 4,500 ECU models that are dedicated to solving airbag failures, analyzing the cause of the light, perfectly clearing fault codes, and continuously adding more models.

c) Body control module repair

CG100X is specialized in automotive electronic fault repair and is capable of solving all kinds of common problems. It supports auto repair commonly used engine computer, steering angle, foot space module, keyless entry module, audio amplifier, transmission computer, 48V light lithium battery, 12V lithium battery, and other kinds of body computer. This function helps repairers to solve vehicle failure.

d) Accessory clone replacement

This function solves the pain points of repair shops, as a single device can replace parts, data cloning, analysis, and repair. It has a one-click operation.

e) Various chip data reading and writing

CG100X covers more than 90% of car chips, supports more than 1800 models, and reads, modifies, writes, erases, partitions, and saves. Additionally, it can also analyze data with the browser that comes with the software. Some of the supported chip series are:

8-Pin Chip (EEPROM)

24 series, 25 series, 35 series, 93 series, 95 series, X50 series, S29 series, RH series, CAT10 series, CR series


MB90 series, MB91 series, MB96 series


PIC18F series


TMS series


S32K1 series


9S08 series, 9S12 series, HC908 series, HC912 series, MAC series, MPC56 series


ATMEGA series


H8SX series, M32R series, R5F10D series, RH850 series, V850 series


TC series, XC series


SPC series, ST10F series, STM32F series, STM8 series


S6J series

f) Key function

CG100X supports BMW CAS series and Land Rover models, automatically displays key ID and usage status, and assists locksmiths to complete key matching work.

So, in brief, the CG100X is a highly efficient and powerful tool that can cover 90% of car models and modules in the market. Its six functions make it an indispensable tool for repair shops, providing solutions for various car repair needs such as dashboard mileage repair, airbag repair, body control module repair, accessory clone replacement, various chip data reading and writing, and key function. With its continuous real-time upgrades, the CG100X keeps up with the market and is a reliable choice for repair shops to provide quality services to their customers.

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