How to Read Dodge Smart Key PIN Code with IM608 Pro II

This report documents a customer’s successful test using Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro II to retrieve the PIN code for a Dodge smart key.


Connect Autel IM608 Pro II to the vehicle.

Navigate to the “Dodge” section in the menu.

Choose “Smart Mode.”

Turn on the ignition.

If it’s an older model (pre-2006), consider selecting “Manual Selection” or “System Selection” first.

Establish communication with the vehicle.

Opt for the “knob-style smart card” option on IM608 II device.

Turn off the ignition and then turn it back on again. Ensure that the engine is off.

Establish communication with the vehicle again.

Turn the ignition off, then back on, ensuring the engine is not running.

Communication with the vehicle will be re-established.

Subsequently, you will receive the PIN code: 8095.

In conclusion, Autel IM608 Pro II key programmer proves effective in obtaining PIN codes for Dodge smart keys.