Programming for Mercedes W207 AKL via OBD Using IM608 II

We make new keys for Mercedes c300 2011 (W207) with all keys lost using Autel MaxilM IM608 II programmer. We don’t need to remove the ElS and we do it through Obd. This is only for fobik AKL. You can also use this method to make new fobik for other Mercedes, such as Spinter DAS3 fobik.

For accurate information about vehicle coverage, check the Autel website to confirm OBD mode availability.

The process involves a fuse cable as shown in the provided diagram. You can make this work there ELV this one connects to the obdii, another links to the diagnostic tool connector.

When dealing with all keys lost on a Mercedes C300 2011 (W207), Autel IM608 Pro 2 facilitates the task through OBD without requiring EIS removal. This also applies to new fobik key programming.

It’s important to note that the use of ELV Simulator isn’t always necessary for all keys lost situations. Refer to the diagram and consider the model’s specifics.

Follow these steps for Mercedes C300 2011 (W207):

First, we connected to this specific connector. Next, we unplugged the EOP located just above the brake pedal. You’ll see a blue connector – connect to pin number three with this cable. Follow the cable to connect it to Gbox 3 here. Then, remove fuse number 27 and use the fuse cable. It’s located right here. With the engine compartment open, ensure everything is connected inside this box.

Establish a connection between xp400 and IM608 II key programmer.

Proceed with the following steps:

Select the appropriate model and opt for the on-vehicle method.

Retrieve EIS data, and place a blank key into xp400. Conduct password calculation, and link the infrared key simulator to the programmer.

Calculate the password in about 30 minutes, generate a key file, and place a blank key into the IR hole.

Write key and test key

Complete the process as guided by IM608 2 prompts.

These steps offer a comprehensive guide to performing all keys lost programming for Mercedes C300 2011 (W207) using Autel IM608 pro 2 through OBD, streamlining the process without the need to remove the EIS.