KT200 ECU Tuner Tutorial

KT200 ECU programmer Master supports ECU maintenance chip tuning, DTC code removal, OBD/BOOT/BDM/JTAG, and multiple protocols.

This page aims to share KT200 function, ECU list, TCU list, new update, installation guide, trouble shooting, reviews, test reports etc.

KT200 ECU Tuner
  • 1 KT200 host
  • OBD harness 2 pcs
  • 1 pinout line
  • 4 BOM adapters
  • 3 transfer cables
  • 4 wires
  • 1 set of resistors
  • 4 sets of adapter plugs
  • 5 sets of power adapters

KT200 Function & Highlights

KT200 ECU programmer is able to perform ECU maintenance chip tuning, DTC code removal, OBD/BOOT/BDM/JTAG, and multiple protocols. The hardware of the KT200 ECU programmer is the Master version.

Master: Read and write ECU data, read it in BIN unencrypted format, you can modify the data arbitrarily, you can clone ECU and use it as ECU service, the master is a personal version, you can only use it yourself, cannot unlock data for the slave.

Function of the device KT200 

Read and write ECU data, and the data can be used for ECU services.

What is ECU service?

ECU service includes 2 major items:

  1. Chip tuning.

Chip tuning is to improve engine performance by modifying the data read out by the equipment.

The data is divided into: Stage 1 data, Stage 2 data, and Stage 3 data.

2. ECU maintenance.

ECU maintenance data is to repair software errors in the ECU and some identity data of the ECU by modifying the data read by the device. We provide the following items:DTC code Removal EGR & DPF Removal, IMMO OFF, releasing speed limit , mileage correction, Hot start or Cold Start Vmax , and so on.

KT200 ECU programmer wins the similar tools in:

  • Software 22.10.01, Master version
  • Must work online (access online server), otherwise software will not functioning 
  • Calculate checksum
  • Supports OBD BOOT BDM JTAG mode
  • Exactly the same as KTM200/ECUTuner
  • Read and write ECU/TCU data
  • Full read and write TCU (Micro+EEPROM). Supports large amount of TCUs, i.e Volvo MPS6, VAG DQ400e/SQ100, Jeep 9H28 TCUs
  • TCU Clone
  • TCU Coding
  • Supports VR Reading
  • Update online. No subscription, No annual Fee.
  • Multi-language: Italian, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Romanian, Turkish
  • TRW EMS 2.2 EMS 2.3, EMS S8, PCR 2.1 OBD unlock etc tested working 

KT200 Full Version vs Basic Version

Basic VersionFull version
Motorbike OBDNOOK
Full systemOKOK
Bench ModeOKOK
KT200 full version vs basic version

Master vs Slave vs Manager Master

Slave : read and write ECU data, read data in encrypted format, data can be modified after the

data is unlocked by the super master, but the unmodified encrypted data can be used as written

back, and can be used as ECU clone, but cannot be used as ECU service .

The slave can be used only for cloning ECU, or rely on our company’s technical service team to

provide you with the best technical service, all your data will be handled by us.

Master: Read and write ECU data, read it in BIN unencrypted format, you can modify the data

arbitrarily, you can clone ECU and use it as ECU service, the master is a personal version, you can

only use it yourself, cannot unlock data for the slave.

The master is a personal version of the device, which can be used freely after purchase. You can

obtain our company’s service software ECUHELP for free. All functions on the software are free to

use. The software provides ECU model query, wiring diagram search, virtual data download,

DEMO download, and free software library. And Data modifier number change expert software.

Manager Master: read and write ECU data, read it in BIN unencrypted format, you can modify

the data arbitrarily, you can clone ECU and use it as ECU service, the manager master is the

manager, you can use it yourself, or you can unlock data for the slave .

In addition to having all the functions and benefits of the master, the manager master can also be

used as a manager device. Not only can be used by your own,but also serve the slaves under your

hand. It needs to be purchased after buying the slave, or can be upgraded to super master by the

master after buying the slave.

KT200 ECU list & TCU List

KT200 ECU List

KT200 TCU List

KT200 Yes and others NO

  1. Kess NO, KT200 OK

EDC7C32 MAN TGX dead after Kess writing

Bench R/W OK with KT200 ecu tunner

For first try super tool.

My internet was from my Iphone.

IPhone can be use already as hotpot, Edc7u31 not an issue write in.

In detail:  read obd with kess 40min and after that I write modified file and when writing goes error after 1-2min and ecu was bricked. After that I received kt200 with help from factory, sw was installed and everything works fine. So now truck is on track,I read flash and eeprom on bench and modified file and after that write it.

kt200 wins kess
kt200 wins kess

kt200 ECU Tuner vs pcm tuner

Please read users feedback:

kt200 tool is stable! Until now, I made all ecus very successful.

KT200 is better.

Kt200 is for professional users if you have doubts in your self don’t buy it.

 I have flex and ktag slave but I loved kt200 tool.

I’m buying kt200, I’m a professional technician. I have new genius from Avon tuning which has ran out of subs. The kt200 would be to fill in on the maps I couldn’t otherwise do.

Many professional tuners have clones for when original tool software updates kill ecu’s – Even a new tool like Kess3 have many failures

I think people over look the tools capability and just day clone=bad. Not the case!

Who is kt200 ECU tuner for?

Car Repair Workshop:

Many workshops complete engine and transmission repairs without the need for additional equipment.

KT200 supports up to 5000+ engine reads and writes, enabling quick ECU clone and engine troubleshooting without replacing the powertrain.

The KT200 can help you provide a more friendly repair price than the official automotive repair authorization store, thus gaining more customers and revenue.

Mechanics for racing cars:

Specialized in chip tuning mechanics, who have extremely demanding requirements for engine power, the pursuit of the ultimate engine power performance, KT200 helps you solve 99% of the engine power improvement on the market A variety of ECU reading methods to meet your different vehicle needs, bringing more possibilities for engine tuning.

For Car DIYers, car owner,s and many more users:

Those who have a keen interest in chip tuning or want to try to tune the engine performance can contact uobdii.com sales staff to inquire about the slave version.

Users’ review:

i would word “Not for beginners or novices” if you have to ask questions regarding the software install, the tool is not for you. If you question its ability on every ecu, the tool is not for you. ALL tools have good side and bad side. but tool is also only as good as the person using the tool…

i did not mention “map” the tool only read and write from an ecu flash/processor/eprom it has not other job, the tool does not map, many user know how to access boot pin on tc1797 processor, or backtrace BDM from processor to accessible via for instance, many user know that even though ecu not on support list, can be read/write with another module. we cannot teach this, this come from experience. Some user on here blame tool as cannot read simple ECU, same tool different user can read ecu, sure if you are novice, play with tool, learn, but dont complain and blame tool when you fail

KT200 Download and installation

Where can I download the sw?


data files = instructions for ecu’s

Kt200software22 is you application software 

Patch: for driver signature if needed

KT200 installation

Operating system:
Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 10
Windows 11


From the website www.dfox-pro.com it’s always

available the latest updated version of the KT200.

Download Setup.exe and save it on your PC.

Double click on the file Setup.exe:


Read the conditions of contract and accept the terms of

license and click Next:

Maintain the folder of installation

C:\ KT200MASTER and click Next

Click Finish.

KT200 ECU Tuner Reviews

KT200 OK List:

EDC16C31 Volvo

R&W Flash and Eeprom OK.

VAG PCR2.1 R/W/EEP Unlock ..ok

VAG EDC16U1 R/W..ok

BMW EDC17CP02 R/W..ok

BMW EDC17C50 R/W..ok

PSA ME7.4.5 (BOOT) R/W..ok

PSA MEV17.4 R/W..ok



VW EDC17c64 R/W in bench ok

Write by obd also ok

Seat EDC17u01 R/W bench ok

Audi EDC17c46 R/W bench ok

Audi Pcr2.1 R/W in bench ok *unlocked)

PSA Sid208 password on bench okay

R/W in boot okay

All tests Performed under Win10 64bit (Driver signature enforcement disabled)

CKS on all DRIVERS ok

KT200 EDC7 C32 on MAN Truck R/W without problem:

No problem with iPhone, tried it successful

Edc17c74 gave me a hard time to read successfully the problem turned out that I have a sh****y internet connection tried with hotspot worked perfectly!!!Guys beware of your internet connection.

KT200 ECU Programmer Trouble shooting

Question 1:

Mercedes med 17.7.2

Read full Ok, write flash Ok, eeprom eeror.

Bench pcmtuner write without problems

Solution: it shows ,error unlock password ,friend . you need to unlock first.

Question 2. I can’t find this ECU Motronic BOSCH ME17.9.20 the kt200 the law ???

Solution: there are 2 posiible pinouts for renualt/smart included in your documentation, bench job with → BENCH TRICORE


→ TC1782 – RENAULT

→ ME17.9.20

Question 3.

BMW e93 MSV80,ktm support R/W?

Solution: works in boot mode (must open ecu)