IM608 II Pin Code Reading for Hyundai i10 ID46 AKL Guide

Learn how to read the pin code for Hyundai i10 ID46 All Keys Lost situation using Autel IM608 Pro II. Follow this step-by-step guide to successfully retrieve the immobilizer password for key programming.


Start by identifying the components:

ECM (front and back)

Smatra module

Navigate through the menu on IM608 II:

i10(IA) >> 2014-2016 >> Blade key

Initiate the Immobilizer Status Scan, and it will show the current scanning status.

Select “Read Pin code.”

Select “Read Immobilizer Password (46 Blade Key).”

Proceed to read the Pincode via OBD.

Note: This function supports models equipped with a 46 chip type blade key. Ensure that the key type matches.

Allow time for password reading (Please be patient as this process takes some time).

Once read, the obtained password will consist of six digits: xxxxxx.

Congratulations! IM608 2 have successfully executed the task.

With Autel IM608 Pro II key programmer, pin code reading becomes a seamless process, particularly for Hyundai i10 ID46 models. Follow these steps to achieve precise results.