How to Use Autel IM608 II & G-Box3 Program Benz W203 AKL on Bench

This guide details the process of writing a new BE key for a Mercedes W203 with all keys lost on bench using Autel MaxiIM IM608 II and G-Box3.

Note: Autel G Box3 can handle Mercedes-Benz all keys lost situations through OBD or on a bench, eliminating the need for repeated IR simulator insertions and removals.


Required Tools and Equipment:

Mercedes W203 C180, 2004 model year

Autel MaxiIM IM608 II + G Box3 + XP400 Pro + Autel J2534

One blank key

Connection Setup:

Attach IM608 II to Autel J2534 and G Box3.

Attach XP400 pro to APB125 adapter > IR.

Attach OBDII to G-Box3 and supply +12V.



Step 1: Calculate EIS Password (1-4 Minutes)

Select “Mercedes Benz” > “Expert Mode” > “EIS Tools” > “Read EIS data” > “IR” > “On Bench (G-BOX)” > “W203(K)”.

Check and follow the provided connection diagram for +12V, GND, and T4 connections.

Place the IR key simulator (APB125) into EIS.

If already inserted, remove and reinsert it.

Read EIS data via IR until the process is finished.

Click “Yes” to read the key password via infrared. This will need 1-4 minutes.

Obtain the password

Review the essential EIS and key information, then save the present EIS data.

Step 2: Generate Key File

Return to “EIS Tools” > “Generate key file”

MaxiIM IM608 II will display EIS information and password

Select the unused key (e.g., “Key number 4 Not used/Not disabled”).

Choose “V51 (Half smart key)”.

Create the key and store the key file.

Step 3: Write BE Key File using IR

Return to “Function list” > “Key” > “IR” > “Write BE Key file”.

Insert the blank key into XP400 Pro programmer’s infrared keyhole.

Choose the key number 4 file to write, and wait for the successful completion of key file writing.

Step 4: Try out EIS Status and Working Keys

Verify if the key can turn on the ignition and perform remote functions.

Navigate to “EIS Tools” > “Test EIS status and working keys” > “On Bench (G-BOX)”.

This feature exclusively works with OBD communication; ensure correct OBD connection.

Choose “Test Working key”.

Read the present EIS type as W203 (K).

Place the key into the EIS and remove it three times.

Afterward, place the key into the XP400 PRO programmer’s IR keyhole.

Read EIS information and key details.

Confirm that the key is now recognized as the working key for the vehicle, allowing the key to start the vehicle.

To conclude, locksmiths can use this comprehensive guide to program a new BE key for a Mercedes W203 with all keys lost using Autel MaxiIM IM608 II and G Box3 in bench mode.