How to Register LAUNCH X431 PAD VII?

LAUNCH X431 PAD VII is an unexpected high-end diagnostic tool, that comes with a 13.3-inch large touch screen, 32 service functions, and Smartlink remote diagnosis. And it also covers a full system of vehicles from more than 110 brands in the US, Asia, and Europe, and keeps constantly updating.

I’ll show you how to register for the new Launch X431 Pad VII when you get it.

Step 1: Tap “New Registration” to enter the registration page.

Step 2: Fill in your info in each field (Items with * are mandatory). After inputting, click “Register”, and the following screen will appear:

Step 3: Input the Serial Number and Activation Code, which can be found in the Password Envelope.

Step 4: Tap Activate to finish your registration.

By now, the registration of Launch X431 Pad VII is completed, and then you can download the diagnostic software. Tap “Yes” to enter the download page and tap “Update” to start downloading. Once the download is complete, the system will install the software package automatically.