What’s The Difference Between Autel MK908P VS Autel MS908S Pro?

What’s the difference between Autel MK908P VS Autel MS908S Pro?

MK908P and MS908SP are two different diagnostic tools offered by Autel, a leading brand in the automotive industry.

The main differences between these two tools are listed below:

  1. Design: The MK908P has a tablet-style design with a 10.1-inch touchscreen, while the MS908SP has a more compact and ergonomic design with a 9.7-inch touchscreen.
  2. Hardware: The MK908P is powered by a Samsung Exynos hexa-core processor, while the MS908SP uses a Samsung Exynos octa-core processor. The MS908SP also comes with a J2534 ECU programming device for enhanced functionality.
  3. Software: Both devices come with the same software and offer similar diagnostic capabilities. However, the MS908SP offers additional features such as advanced coding and programming functions, which are not available in the MK908P.
  4. Price: The MS908SP is more expensive than the MK908P due to its enhanced hardware and software features.

In summary, while both devices offer similar diagnostic capabilities, the MS908SP is a more advanced tool with additional features that make it a better choice for professional technicians who need more advanced coding and programming functions. On the other hand, the MK908P is a more affordable option for users who don’t need the advanced features of the MS908SP but still want a high-quality diagnostic tool.


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