Autel MaxSys Ultra vs Launch X431 PAD VII

Autel MaxSys Ultra vs Launch X431 PAD VII

In terms of software reset and protection, Launch X431 PAD VII is more convenient for you to use. If you accidentally lose it, you just need to remember your account and password, buy a new one, and then you can use it again. In terms of price that is reasonable that Autel Update will be cheaper than Launch update. Autel is more expensive than Launch

Launch allows you to add key programming while Autel doesn’t have this option and you need to buy the stand-alone device. If you need an Autel device has both scanning and key programming, go for IM608.

Launch X-431 PAD VII allows you to add TPMS TGGUN that can program the TPMS sensors while Autel doesn’t have the option to add this device and you need to buy stand-alone TPMS tools like TS508 or ITS600.

We need to mention here that some models of Autel have the TPMS function built inside, like MaxiPro MP808TS. Maxicheck MX808TS.
Both Launch and Autel allow you to add a video scope camera and battery tester.

In terms of use, Autel is designed to be more convenient for non-professional people to use, and the operation is more concise and easy to understand. Autel is better than Launch. But need a stand-alone TPMS scanner from Autel. Both give the user the scanning report but Autel Ultra has a cloud base that gives you the option to download the report easily.

Launch is better for European, Korean, and Japanese cars, while Autel is better for American cars

The above is the comparison of two kinds of goods, this article is only for reference, according to your preferences to choose your own favorite goods.