XP005l Not Cut Key Deep Enough Solution

Feedback from a customer: My Xhorse Dolphin 2 XP-005L doesn’t cut deep enough. I recently cut a key which operates in the lock, however, it encounters difficulty when being inserted into the lock. Upon comparing it to other high-security keys, it appears that the channel is thicker after the key is cut.


Solution from this Xhorse blog:

Recalibrate the cutter. You need to perform calibration frequently, particularly if the key cutter is in a van. We have some customers who calibrate every other day. You would be surprised by how easily and quickly it can go out of calibration.

To calibrate your XP005L key cutting machine, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to “System” > “Machine Parameter” > “Cutting Calibration.”
  • Choose Cutter Diameter: Select the appropriate cutter diameter that you have installed.


Prepare Key Blank: Place a key blank onto the clamp> follow the provided instructions.

Execute Calibration: Proceed with the calibration process as guided.

xp005l-02.jpg.jpg xp005l-03.jpg.jpg

Finalize Calibration: Click on “Continue” button to complete the calibration.

Once calibrated, your dolphin xp005l is ready for precise key cutting operations.