The rolling code ID regeneration of Xhorse Wire Remote Key Garage

In the daily use of the Xhorse Wire Remote Key Garage, if there is a code-chasing phenomenon after remote cloning, we can regenerate the rolling code ID and complete the remote programming. 

Step 1: Press and hold the “Up” and “Lock” buttons until the LED light up, then off. Release them now.

Now we’ve entered Xhorse Key Garage‘s rolling code ID regeneration mode. 

Step 2: Press and hold the “Pause” button, and keep pressing it until the LED light turns off.

Step 3: Release it and now the rolling code ID regenerated operation succeeds.

Well, that’s all the steps for using the Xhorse Wire Remote Key Garage to regenerate rolling code ID, isn’t it simple? is now only available in Golden, which is compatible with all VVDI tools, including the VVDI2 Mini Remote Programmer, VVDI Key Tool, and more. You can buy with confidence.