Dolphin XP005L Key Decoding with Snapped Probes Solution

A customer inquired, “I recently bought Xhorse XP005L key cutting machine. The first key cutting went smoothly. Yet, when I attempted to decode another key, the probe suddenly broke. I thoroughly cleaned all components, including the key, and even replaced the probe. To my surprise, the new probe also broke, but this time on a different part of the key. What might I have done incorrectly, and where can I purchase replacement probes?”



In this Xhorse blog, our engineer offered the solution:

  1. The probe’s functionality relies on electrical contact. If the signal isn’t transmitted from the probe to the key, it will break. Calibration doesn’t affect this – once there’s contact, it halts, unless the signal isn’t transferred properly.You need to clean your key better.
  2. To prevent probe breakage, ensure thorough key cleaning. Calibration matters less; the key touching metal causes the stoppage, not just poor contact. A quick solution: utilize a grinding wheel with a wire brush, spending about 30 seconds per key – this approach should resolve the issue.
  3. Using a wire brush on a grinder motor can effectively clean the blades. This method has also been proven successful in preventing further problemson xp005l, as confirmed by another customer.


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