How to Download OBDSTAR App and Combine with Tools?

OBDSTAR APP has been launched! In this article, we give you an comprehensive introduction of this APP.

Why you need OBDSTAR APP?

OBDSTAR app, specifically designed for service technicians, combines various functions such as technical support, data queries, and after-sales consultations. It also serves as a comprehensive query library for maintenance information for automobiles, motorcycles, and marine equipment. With its robust features and excellent user experience, it assists technicians in solving problems efficiently.

How to get OBDSTAR APP?

  • Scan QR code to download

How to bind OBDSTAR APP with compatible tools?

Switch on your OBDSTAR tool.

Connect the device with WiFi.

Navigate to Settings and select ‘Device QR code’.

Open OBDSTAR App>>click on ‘me’ icon >> select ‘My device’.

Choose ‘Device Binding’>> scan the QR code displayed on your OBDSTAR tool.

Scan the QR code to verify the device information, ensuring that the device serial number matches.

Click on ‘To Bind’ to bind your OBDSTAR tool with App

Confirm the successful bind of the device.

Now, your device will appear in the OBDSTAR App.

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