Troubleshooting Toyota XM38 Remote and TOY48 Blank Key Compatibility

Are you facing difficulties inserting a TOY48 blank key into your Toyota XM38 remote case?

Here are some tricks and modifications shared by users that may help:

  1. Louis Ramirez suggests shaving off the inside of the case. He has done this successfully on about ten remotes.
  2. Sam Xu advises searching the forum for a similar question and recommends cutting off the openings and shaving a bit of the TOY48 blade’s root. Caution is essential to avoid injury.
  3. Brian Goodson has modified the case without issues.
  4. Simon Britstone recommends shortening the blade to the minimum length and then editing the case accordingly.
  5. Tony Curran suggests acquiring the correct shell for the remote as a simpler alternative.

Remember to handle modifications with care for safety.

By following these recommendations, you should resolve the issue and use your remote effectively.