How to Solve Dolphin XP005L Cut Key with Broken Tracers?

A customer reported that he has a Xhorse Dolphin2 XP005L and asked if it’s normal for the 1mm tracer to break that easily. He has already calibrated the key cutting machine but was unlucky in two jobs where four tracers broke – two in each job – and he couldn’t cut the keys.


Some solutions from this Xhorse blog:

  1. Make sure the clamp is calibrated. If there’s dirt on the key, it will keep snapping them. It’s best to always wire wheel clean the blade before deciding. You shouldn’t have any issues then.
  2. Reduce speedsometimes, clean keys well and make sure xp005l machine is shaving free too, they work off electrical conductivity.
  3. Normally, it’s user error. The key is dirty and needs to be cleaned before decoding. Trying to decode plastic/aluminum keys can also cause issues. The machine may not be calibrated correctly.
  4. Got the laser scanner by Xhorse, works great.
  5. Pay attention to your xp005l,clean the keys, and never use the universal duplicating.
  6. A dirty key is a big reason why they break. Cleaning the key a lot can help prevent this. Xhorsekey reader is sold to save proof.