Xhorse Remotes for Most Common Cars in North America

One customer asked, “Can you provide a list of the most common Xhorse remotes?

I need to build my inventory, and I’d like your help with the most common cars in North America.”

  1. Recommended Xhorse remotes in this Xhorse blog:
  2. a)Xhorse Wired remote[XK series]
  • Ordinary wired remote 
  • Simple style wired remote
  1. b) XhorseWireless remote
  • Wireless electronic remote [XN series]
  • Wireless super remote [XE series]
  1. c) XhorseSmart remote[XS series] 
  • NXP smart remote
  • XM38 smart remote
  1. Forcustomers who don’t want to keep too much inventory, they might consider Xhorse universal remotes like B5 and knife type remotes.

xhorse-remotes-01.jpg xhorse-remotes-02.jpg


  1. Speaking of price, Xhorse basic type remotes and remotes for common vehicles are relatively cheaper.