Lonsdor K-prog2 Adapter Module is Not Bound Solution


I need to read Volvo KVM data using the Lonsdor K518ISE K-prog2 programmer. But running the application fails for a few days. The adapter module is not bound. Do you have any solutions?


You must use the kprog2 adapter with the K518ISE to read immobilizer data.

Bind Kprog 2 with k518 as described here.

How to connect or bind KProg with Lonsdor K518:

If it is the first time to use the Kprog adapter, you need to bind K518ISE.


Enter K518ISE homepage

Select “Settings -> Binding Adapter”

Follow the instructions to complete the binding

You must know:

A K518ISE host can bind up to 5 adapters.

And the bound adapter cannot be bound to other K518ISE hosts.

Once bound, there is no need to bind again.