How to fix Lonsdor K518ISE “Communication connection failed. Code: 02”?

When Lonsdor K518ISE writes original 95128 data for BMW FEM programming, it pops up “Communication connection failed. Code: 02” (shown as below). How to solve this?

Possible reasons:
Please check if the original file (FEM ORIGINAL FILE 95128.bin) comes from:
1.Tools beyond Lonsdor Tablet
2.Lonsdor Programmer (written back and preprocessed in Step 4&5)

In this case, Eeprom file is obtained by using Xhorse VVDI PROG.

Then please follow the below correct steps:

VVDI PROG writes back eeprom file

3.Do “Step 4: Restore the EEPROM” and “Step 5: Restore the code”
4.Update firmware

5.Reboot device
6.Follow whole process from Step1 to Step 5.

Lonsdor K518ISE tech support: