Will Autel KM100 Work with Autel CAN FD Adapter?

One customer asked whether he could use his Autel KM100 key programmer with CAN FD Adapter or not?

Here is the answer from OBD2GATE.com:

  1. Autel KM100 can’t work with Autel CAN FD Adapter.
  2.  Autel CAN FD Adapter is a device that connects to compatible vehicle communication interfaces (VCIs) to enable its tablets to communicate via the CAN FD communications protocol and diagnose the vehicle. It is compatible with Autel MaxiSys 906 series MS906BT, MS906, MS906TS, MK906 Pro, MK906S Pro, MS908, Maxisys Elite/ Elite 2, MaxiSys 908 series MS908S Pro/ MS908S Pro II, MK908, MK908 II, Maxicheck MX808, MaxiCom MK808BT Pro, MK808, MK808S, MK808TS, MX808TS, MP808, MP808BT Pro, MP808BT KIT, MP808S, DS808K, DS708, DS808, DS808TS, DS808S-TS, etc.
  3. Autel KM100 is a key programming device that can create smart keys and learn IMMO data via OBD. It can also perform some special functions such as key unlocking, Toyota smart unlocking, universal key information detection, button adjustment, and ignition coil detection. However, Autel KM100 does not have diagnose function.