New! OBDSTAR Adds Toyota 4A & 8A-BA Model

In July 2023, OBDSTAR released an update for Toyota 2022- 4A proximity AKL. Recently, on August 10th, 2023, they made an official announcement about another new update, which is the addition of the 8A-BA 2022- chip type.

Some tools that can program Toyota 8A-BA 2022- chip type are obdstar x300 dp plus, obdstar x300 pro4, key master dp plus, key master 5(Toyota software version V32.83 onwards).

For this update, locksmiths will need Toyota 30 Cable and Key SlM (for all keys lost situations).

The following is an demo of how to Program 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross simulated key (4A Proximity) using Key Master DP Plus, Toyota-30 cable, Key SlM and main cable.


Use the Toyota-30 CABLE to connect the vehicle proximity key and OBD interface

Open Key Master DP Plus>> navigate to main interface, choose “car immo”

Select the corresponding brand model and function menu

Choose “Read Immo Data” and follow the instructions

Then choose “Make Simulated Card(Key SIM)”

Select “TOYOTA_4A_20230801163938.BIN”>> getting key information>>communicating

Connect key sim>> enter>> wait for loading module>> the simulated key is made successfully, click “enter” at the bottom right corner.

Go to next interface>> click “enter”

So far, we have successfully obtained the immobilizer data of the vehicle.

Key programming(no need pincode) and all keys lost operations can be performed with the IMMO data.

OBDSTAR x300 dp plus and OBDSTAR x300 pro4 are available on