How to Generate Ford ID49 902MHz Remote with Autel KM100/IM508/IM608 Pro II?

If you are trying to prevent the future purchase of OEM smart key fobs for newer Ford vehicles running 900+MHz FSK ID49, Autel(KM100/IM508/IM608 Pro II) is the solution.

Autel keys will save you $300-450 for a dual set of OEM fob.

Go to Universal Key Generation function.

Choose correct model FCC and ID to generate Ford ID49.

Key is very important. Must generate Autel universal ikey smart key.

Has to be the right one. “H” part number not “L”. MAKE SURE TO ORDER “H”.

The other ikeys are 315/433mhz, you will get this message (hardware does not support the frequency) if trying to generate those remotes for Ford ID49 high frequency.

With the right key, the 902mhz would get addressed pretty quick.

Successfully generated 902 mhz with universal obtained.

Use CR2450 battery.