How to Read and Write Fiat IAW 59F with KT200?

KT200 ECU programmer has successfully read and written Fiat Marelli 59F ECU many times without problem.

Here is the procedure:

  • Determining Your Hardware Version:
  • Verify whether your hardware version is above or below 100.

For Marelli 59F HW <100:

  • KT200 read and write IAW 59F hardware version ≤100 no problem
  • The system automatically reads and stores the eeprom. Upon completion, you’ll be prompted to proceed with the flash reading.
  • Set up the correct driver pathway:
  • Choose ‘Fiat’.
  • Proceed to ‘Marelli ECUs’.
  • Opt for ‘IAW 59F Motorola HW<100 FULL SYSTEM’.


For Marelli 59F HW >100:

Note: Versions hw105, hw305, and hw603, among others, have been tested with KT200 ok.

Follow the bench pinout setup specific to Marelli 59F HW >100.


Execute reading and writing operations on the bench without a hitch.

Troubleshooting Tips:

If issues arise while reading the ID or eeprom of 59F with KT200 ECU programmer, adopt the following measures:

  • Double-check your hardware version.
  • Verify your pin connection to the correct plug. Misalignments can happen. If you’ve pinned into the wrong plug, a 180-degree ECU rotation should fix it.
  • Reboot your computer, adjust the ECU pins, ensure a snug MFC connection, and give it another shot. If all else fails, there might be an issue with the ECU itself.

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