OBDSTAR DC706 Review from Customers

OBDSTAR DC706 ECU tool is designed specifically for programming various vehicle systems, including ECM, TCM, and body/other modules. Here are user reviews to help you make an informed decision before purchasing.


User feedback 1:

I recently purchased OBDSTAR DC706 tool and found it to be an excellent choice. With versatile cloning capabilities for ECM, TCM, and BCM units, support for OBD and bench mode, and the regular updates expanding its coverage. I have successfully tests on various modules like E39A and E92 GM PCM’s, 2 FCA RF Hubs, a Ford continental BCM, a GM Bosch BCM, and a GPEC-2 PCM. Convenient mobile repair capabilities, clear guides, and great value for money make it highly recommended in the automotive industry.

User feedback 2:

The OBDSTAR DC706 tool worked flawlessly for cloning Cadillac 6L45 TCM and GM Acdelco E39a.

User feedback 3:

I was able to do full reading and writing on GM TCM T87 and T87 myself, a task previously only available with flex and B-flash. The DC706 proved to be amazing!

User feedback 4:

OBDSTAR DC706 is a powerful tool, particularly considering its affordability. While working with files can be a bit clunky, it remains highly effective, especially for DPS6 Ford TCMs during mobile repairs.

User feedback 5:

The 9GV OBDSTAR reading went smoothly, and everything I needed was included. It’s a fantastic device!

User feedback 6:

OBDSTAR DC706 successfully cloned Audi Temic VL381 0AW gearbox.

User feedback 7:

I was amazed to see the DC706 perform Fiat IAW 9GV clone, all without the need for opening. Truly impressive!

User feedback 8:

When it comes to PSA vehicles, OBDSTAR DC706 proves to be a reliable tool.

User feedback 9:

The first test involved a Guzzi miu g4 motorcycle engine control module on bench, and DC706 handled it well.

User feedback 10:

I tested DC706 on DQ250 02E models from 2016, as well as two DQ200 models from 2010 and 2012. It worked perfectly in all cases.


In conclusion, OBDSTAR DC706 ECU tool receives excellent user feedback for its versatile cloning capabilities, reliability, and value for money. It excels in TCM cloning, Audi and Fiat gearbox cloning, and smooth readings and writings on various models. It is highly recommended for automotive professionals.