CG Pro 9S12 Do Mileage Correction on BMW X3 F25 Tips

A customer said, “I have recently purchased a brand new CG Pro 9S12 programmer from your store to carry out mileage correction on a 2011 BMW X3 F25. Do you have any advice or assistance to offer me?”



Therefore, in this CGDI blog, we are going to share the guidance and tips we provided to this customer with locksmiths.

  1. Mileage correction on a BMW F25 from 2011by CGDI pro steps
  2. a) Detach eeprom from the dashboard.
  3. b) Retrieve and save the eeprom data.
  4. c) Erase the eeprom.
  5. d) Perform mileage correction and write.
  6. e) Create a backup of the CAS4.
  7. f) Carry out mileage correction on the CAS4.


  1. Key points to focus on during the process
  2. a) Erase the eeprom and create a complete backup. The backup allows you to make a copy of the CAS module if necessary.
  3. b) If there are any issues, manually modify the mileage in the eeprom and write it back. This approach provides increased safety.


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