What Tool Can Read EEprom 35160WT and MG1CS011 ECU?

Need an ECU programmer for MG1CS011 ECU? The FC200 programmer is Bosch-compatible, supporting MG1 MD1 and more. It reads and writes via OBD or Bench mode. For EEPROM 35160WT, try the M35080/35160 adapter with CG PRO 9S12 Programmer.

  1. What ecu programmer read MG1CS011 ecu correctly?

The MG1CS011 is a Bosch ecu that is used in some Volkswagen vehicles with 1.5 TSl engines.

FC200 Programmer is dedicated to the new generation ECU and covers 99% of the Bosch brand. It supports MG1 MD1 ECU and other types of ECUs. It can read and write via OBD or Bench mode.


  1. What toolcan read write eeprom 35160WT?

M35080/35160 Adapter for CG PRO 9S12 Programmer: this adapter can operate M35080/35160 series chip, and it needs to work with CG Pro 9S12 Programmer.