Any Risk Adding Key for Bentley?

A customer asked about the risks of adding a key to a Bentley and if KESSY needs to be removed.



Here is the solution from this Xhorse blog for your reference:

  1. All anti-theft actions carry risks, so be sure to save your data.
  • When the OBD engine cannot obtain the password and CS code, it is necessary to disassemble the KESSY computer to read the data and decrypt it.

Generally, the memory in KESSY is 93C86, but if it is encrypted, it is necessary to use VVDI Prog for wiring decryption to read the data.

After removing the KESSY, use VVDI Prog for decrypting and reading the data. The specific diagram is as follows:



After reading the data, load it into the fourth-generation anti-theft systems of Volkswagen Touareg, Audi A8, Porsche, and Bentley.



If VVDI Prog fails to read the data, then send the data from 93C86 of KESSY to a technician for decryption. Once you obtain the firmware Progtection code and password, generate a dealer key for learning.

  • If the short-circuit fuse is also unable to retrieve the required data, then the only option is to dismantle the engine computer or the KESSY computer to access the data, and in some cases, decryption may be required.