CGDI FC200 Continental TC17 and MPC5xx License Problem

While trying to update my CGDI FC200 software to version, I faced an unexpected problem. The update prompted me with an error message, stating that the licenses for Continental TC17 and MPC5xx were not authorized. As a result, I found myself confused and uncertain about how to activate them.


Fortunately, this problem has been resolved after approaching engineer from

The authorization for these licenses will be activated within two days. It’s worth noting that this is a new function, and even after activation, it cannot be used until a new adapter called FC200-MPC5XX-P02-M230102 Adapter is obtained. This adapter is necessary for FC200 programmer to function properly. 



In the meantime, I will patiently await the latest notification, and I hope that once the licenses are authorized and the adapter is acquired, I will be able to fully utilize the functions of my CGDI FC200 software.