CG FC200 V1.1.4.0 Update: Added SDI6, Simos8.3x, Simos8.5x

The latest software of CG FC200 ECU programmer updates to V1.1.4.0 on July 17th, 2023.

Update info:

1.Newly added CONNECTAL TC17 platform mode engines: SDI6, Simos8.3x, Simos8.5x

2.Newly added CONNECTAL TC17 BOOT mode engines: SDI6, SDI7, Simos8.1x, Simos8.3x, Simos8.5x, SID208, PCR2.1

3.BOSCH MPC5xx chip ECU adds verification function

4.New platform mode engine: MD1CS089

5.New Volkswagen transmission mileage repair function: DQ200 TC1784

6.Fix the function of modifying the VIN of Volkswagen ME17.5.22/24/26 and other engines

7.Fix some PCR2.1 write PFlash failure issues