2022 Top ECU Tuner ECUHELP KT200, PCMTuner, FC200

Buy ECUHELP kt200 ECU Programmer or pcm tuner? Listen to ECU tuners’ review:

  1. KT200 and pcm tuner ECU Programmer are complemented. They both are good tool but in different ways, PCMtuner has a lot of OBD modules for Asian etc, but cannot do any BDM JTAG work or Agri and plant like KT200, it depends on your needs, no one tool is ever enough.
  • ECUHELP KT200 tool is stable! Until now, I made all ecus very successful.
  • KT200 is better.
  • Kt200 is for professional users if you have doubts in your self don’t buy it.
  • I have flex and ktag slave but I loved kt200 tool.
  • I’m buying ECUHELP kt200, I’m a professional technician. I have new genius from Avon tuning which has ran out of subs. The kt200 would be to fill in on the maps I couldn’t otherwise do.

Many professional tuners have clones for when original tool software updates kill ecu’s – Even a new tool like Kess3 have many failures

I think people over look the tools capability and just day clone=bad. Not the case!

  • Each tool have their own capabilities, no all tools can do read/write perfectly. Buy both, PCMtuner has very good coverage but can only do certain bench jobs (edc17/med17/mev17) and limited boot.
  • Activation:

ECUHELP KT200 activation: no need, install software and ready to use.

Pcmtuner activation: no need, work offline if you order from obd2gate.com.

  • Language:

KT200 has 10 optional language, free to change language in software.

pcmtuner flash supports English and Russian only.

KT200 or Fgtech galletto or Kess

KT200 is based on Genuine fgtech. Fgtech is the best for old cars, for newer you must doing in bench or boot, no OBD. No OBD for sid208, no OBD for BMW Fxx, no OBD for new Nissan/Renault SID309/310 edc17c84.

They updated bench for edc17 and bench for MD2 in the last 3 years. KT200 is quite the same, also the software as fgtech. Buy they released a lot of new ECUs and this tool can read and write a lot of TCUs. KT200 is galletto but with more new protocols and with the possibility of reading TCUs. on TCU they have much more than Kess v2.

But in one tool you have OBD, BDM, Jtag, Boot and Bench mode. but for BDM you must use their adapter. It has edc16/med9/edc7; bench mode and work well.

pcmtuner is based on pcmflash software, it works pretty good on bench mode, boot and OBD. It has tuner account, free VR files and damaos for users. KT200 has more ECUs and TCUs supported, more protocols inside and has Jtag and BDM. But it don’t have tuner account, tuning service. KT200 can do much more TCUs than pcm, i.e Volvo mps6, VAG dq400e/sq100, jeep 9h28 TCUs.

Kess NO, KT200 OK

EDC7C32 MAN TGX dead after Kess writing

Bench R/W OK with KT200 ecu tunner

For first try super tool.

My internet was from my Iphone.

IPhone can be use already as hotpot, Edc7u31 not an issue write in.

In detail:  read obd with kess 40min and after that I write modified file and when writing goes error after 1-2min and ecu was bricked. After that I received kt200 with help from factory, sw was installed and everything works fine. So now truck is on track,I read flash and eeprom on bench and modified file and after that write it.

No problem with iPhone, tried KT200 successful

Edc17c74 gave me a hard time to read successfully the problème turned out that I have a sh****y internet connection tried with hotspot worked perfectly!!!

Guys beware of your internet connection

KT200 EDC7 C32 on MAN Truck R/W without problem

Who is kt200 ECU tuner for? 

Car Repair Workshop: With KT200, many workshops complete engine and transmission repairs without the need for additional equipment.

KT200 supports up to 5000+ engine reads and writes, enabling quick ECU clone and engine troubleshooting without replacing the Powertrain.

The KT200 can help you provide a more friendly repair price than the official automotive repair authorization store, thus gaining more customers and revenue.

Mechanics for racing cars:

Specialized in chip tuning mechanics, who have extremely demanding requirements for engine power, the pursuit of the ultimate engine power performance, 

KT200 helps you solve 99% of the engine power improvement on the market. A variety of ECU reading methods to meet your different vehicle needs, bringing more possibilities for engine tuning

KT200 and PCMTuner comparison table

Software languageEnglish Russian Italian, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Romanian, Turkish
DongleUSB Smart DongleNo dongle
Master or Slave versionMasterMaster
Offline/onlineWorks offline, VR need online, do not updateMust works online
Get VR files online
Operation modeBench, boot and OBD modeBench, Boot, BDM/KTAG and OBD mode
ECU typesBosch, magneti marelli, continental or siemensBosch, magneti marelli, continental, denso, Delco, Temic or siemens
Virtual Readingonline access to VR filesfree VR files in ECUHelp program
Checksum calculationYesYes
License67 modules in 1 (MODULE LIST)Auto version: 7 license Car OBD, Truck OBD, Full System, BDM/JTAG, TOOL BOOT, Bench Mode, TCU Gear
Full version: 10 license Car OBD, Truck OBD, Tractor OBD , Boat OBD, Motorbike OBD , Full System , BDM/JTAG , TOOL BOOT, Bench Mode, TCU Gear
Support DTC GearboxYesYes
Audi VAG GearboxYesYes
PCR .1YesYes
EDC16with Fetrotech pluginYes
Read ISNNoNo
MG1 MD1with Fetrotech pluginYes, built-in
VR server and filesYesYes
With wiring diagramYesYes
Tuner accountYesYes
Free damaos for tunerYesYes
Ticket system for supportYesNo
Clone ECU and TCUYesYes
Car OBDYesYes
Truck OBDNoYes
Tractor OBDNoFull version Yes Basic version No
Boat OBDNoFull version Yes Basic version No
Motorbike OBDNoFull version Yes Basic version No
Technical supportGoddUnknown
J2534 passthru work for multi diagnostic toolYesNo
PluginMPM, Fetrotech Tool and moreFeature addon modules
Update & SubscriptionPCMTuner free update offline, No subscription, No annual fee, no monthly fee. Never update PCM-Flash by yourself.Update by downloading the newest software from https://www.ktm200pro.com/?dnloadow/
ECU ListPCMTuner ECU/TCU ListKT200 ECU List KT200 TCU List

KT200 and CG FC200 comparison table

KT200 ECU Programmer VS CG FC200 ECU Programmer
NameKT200CG FC200
Software LanguageItalian, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Romanian, TurkishEnglish, French, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Chinese
ECU SearchSearch ecu by ecu number, car brandSearch ecu by bosch ecu number, car brand
Operation modeBeach, Boot, BDM/KTAG and OBD modeBench, Boot, and OBD Mode
ECU typesBosch, magneti marelli, continental,denso, Delco, Temic or siemensBosch
Virtual readingFree VR files in ECUHelp programNO
Wiring diagramCheck wiring in KT200, online update wiring diagram and Device show you wiring diagramDevice shows you wiring diagram
Tuner account for DPF, EGR, ADBlue OFF and RemapYESNO
ChecksumYESCan calculate checksum online as long as the subscription is active
Update & SubscriptionKT200 free update online, No subscription, No annual fee, no monthly fee.1 Year Free update, subscription is $125/ year
ECU ListKT200 ECU ListSupport ECU List 
KT200 TCU ListNO
LicenseAuto Version:(7 license)Car OBD, Truck OBD, Full System, BDM/JTAG, TOOL BOOT, Bench Mode, TCU GearFull License


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