PCMTuner Test Reports and Troubleshooting

obd2gate engineer gather some PCMTuner test reports and troubleshooting (issues and solutions).

PCMtuner read and write DCM 3.7 via OBD successfully, EGR OFF was done in the soft.

PCMtuner can read Renault Logan CU EMS 3120 in the car with key due to immob instead of bench module. I read without problem in the car.

pcmtuner Edc17c10 peugeot R & W DPF EGR off OK.

pcmtuner Edc17c46 stage1 agr off no problem

Pcmtuner test report: Audi and the fucking non Head screws

Edc17c46 stage1 agr off . Fast and no problems mod71 like every edc17.

obd writing no Problem but always do full backup ….

edc17 no issue so no need full.

before write the File I send to MMS to cheek if the TPROT is active to disable if not they say you can write without problem. MMS THEY solve all my problems. But PCMTUNERBIS GOOOOD TOOL VERY EASY REALLY IS GOOD TOOL


pcmtuner Edc17c49 fiat read successfully. No need change transistor, test with different EDC17 as C49 FAL.Some users suggest 13.5v 3 AMP needed for power, others cannot get to read at all, not the tool at fault, and your wiring is not the suggested diagram for FAL which wont help either..

try these if you must.  these control GPT – MMBT2222A, so no point changing others

With pcmtuner ECU Programmer, how to read denso suzuki ecu?


you need to use OBD breakout so 12V is permanent power not switched by pcmtuner.

Pcmtuner Psa edc17c60 Adblue off

You have to do manual tprot off. Do not forget.

I use WinOls software, but you can do in HEX, no problem. MD1CS003 (PSA) has tprot too.

Pcmtuner Simos PCR2.1 – BSL Unlock, Read and Write OBD no problem.  BSL to Unlock, OBD to read and write.

Pcmtuner can read Edc17c49 iveco, you need to find 10uf capacitor inline with GPT. 10uf to 50uf 16v electrolytic type.

I found one on an old speaker I had,it was attached to the tweeter.It worked a treat.

I just need to find a login PIN to do the extension.

I succeeded, a few. with 10 mf capacitor.

VW jetta 2.0d 110hp 16r EDC17C64. PCMTuner Read/Write bench correct checksum ok good work.

Stg1 dpf off.

  • 2012 Ford Mustang 1st stege tuning with PCMTuner perfectly.
  • Read/write module 71 edc17c14. VW passat b7 2.0 diesel 14r, so my pcmtuner works well on bench.
  • read/write maseratie levante ok edc17c79
  • Pcmtuner read and unlock sid211 ford transit 2019
  • Pcmtuner clone VW jetta 2.0d 110hp 16r EDC17C64. Read/Write bench correct checksum ok good work.

Stg1 dpf off

  • Already working with it and the software is 1.2.1.

The listed modules are the same as in PCMFlash. Seems like a full PCMFlash Clone with integrated scanmatik2 in new optical hardware.

It’s like a Full PCMFlash, friend of mine sent me a screenshot, is PCMFlash software, but they build another software around like autotuner menu, you can directly click OBD/BENCH/Boot and you got instructions inside.

There is an own app (pcm tuner) with online login, its like an autotuner menu, to check vehicles, which modes are available, car configs; (which read/write modes), support and the pinouts etc.

Just tested egpt with MEDC17 before and read/write dq250mbq , all worked fine.

PCMTUNER Edc17c49 Read Write OK

Edc17c49 (iveco)

R/W chks

Capacitors 10uf/25v,47uf/25v all work ok.

why capacitors?

won’t enter programming mode without one

Images mean a lot:

Pcmtuner MB CLA 2017Med17.7.2

Pcmtuner bench MB CLA 2017 220 4MATIC


PCM Bench R/W, stage 1 done

Edc17C69 Fiat Toro 2.0 done in bench without opening, everything ok

Passat B7 1.6 TDI locked Simos PCR2.1. pcmtunner can read and write without ecu open, you have to unlock on BSL.

Pinout for VW crafter EDC17C54-3.39

Modul 71

2007 honda civic ecu reading and writing via obd. Everything is ok.

Helped me change auto calibration to standard.

Golf VII 2.0TDI 184hp 2014 – EDC17C64

Bench Read (full backup) – OK

OBD Write (just to test) – OK

With Stabilizer, allways recomended, an old, but good one, booster, charger and Stabilizer.

Pcmtunner can read Nissan MEC20-60. all nissan modules are OBD.

Fiat me17.3.0 is compatible with pcmtuner

 module 71,TC1724memory, Before 2021 it works after the Tprot has changed

PCMtuner truobleshooting

Question: I am looking at the possibility of buying a PCMtuner, but I have some doubts from some comments. is it true that you can only use this tool on a single PC? They tell me that if I install it on two PCs, the tool will block?

What windows does it work best on?

Can you use this tool connected to the internet?

If it gets blocked, what to do to make the tool work again?


Yes, you can use PCMtuner tool on two PCS (Note: please use 2 different email address), no your tool won’t be blocked by installing it on 2 computers, it just won’t let you log in if you try with one same email.

works good on windows 10, works on others also.

PCMtuner can be connected to the internet especially when you search the wiring diagram with VZ account, also you need internet to update the pcmtuner software.

as far as the actual software is concerned it works just the same as the original pcmflash version 1.20 because it’s pcmflash actual software, just cannot up date pcmflash from 1.20. the only thing they have done is made there own usb dongle that tells pcmflash that u have the 67 modules.

Question: I bought a new PCMTUNER from a private person but how do I activate it?

Answer: yes it can be reactivated to a different and new user account. the process is relatively straight forward process to make this happen.  You need serial number of a box .and s/n for order.

When you install the pcmflash, it will pop up to send email to the technique, in the working day it will activate automatically within 24 hours.

Question: I have to reset my pc and therefore delete everything because of viruses .. can I reinstall pcm tuner and the license will be the same?

Answer: yes, please download the software from https://www.tuner-box.com/, and then reactivate again, then the license is the same.

Question: PCMtuner anyone face this problem whenever read and write the ECU on bench?

Answer: Go to tuner-box.com donload the pcm suit angain then install it.

Question: Does PCMTuner read/write MG1 MD1 ECUs?

Answer: Yes, only with the Fetrotech Tool

NEED To contact you to get the damso?

support vz server will upload it, just go to search from my serer , then get what YOU wan, all auto finish.

It’s the same as scanmatic?

we can say totally same , but PCMtuner was changed some.

Does it work with the original Scanmatik?

YES, it does.

Does PCMtuner come from official website http://www.tuner-box.com/ , With support from them?

yes, sure

Does it work offline?

Work offline, VR NEED online. Don’t need to purchase VR files. They are free.

Master or slave version?

Pcmtuner is Master, the read data is in bin format, data is not encrypted.

It is a KTMBench clone?

No, it is made by a British engineer. It is different from KTMbench.

Can it read and write VR?

Yes, it read and write VR no problem. It has VR account for users.

Can I buy just a dongle? I have an original scanmatik 2 pro?

Yes, sure, here is the dongle.

Can I update pcmflash to 1.2.5 because it ask for update.

No, never update pcmflash software online.

pcmtuner and pcmflash tech support: www.obd2gate.com