How to Test Leakage Current and Voltage on Key tool Max Pro?

This blog provides locksmiths with comprehensive guidance on conducting leakage current and voltage testing using Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro.

  1. Take out Xhorse vvdi key tool max pro

  1. Charge battery

Click “special function” option>> scroll down and select ”remote charge battery”.


Put the key into the slot on key tool max pro.

Click “start to charge” to start

  1. Leakagetest

Before testing the leakage current and voltage

First connect the device to the leakage detection cable

Turn on device>>enter “special functions”>>select “leakage detection and voltage detection” function

After entering, select leakage detection>> click “OK” to continue


Touch the probes at both ends of the leakage detection cable to the key chip to be tested.

Then leakage current can be tested.

In the device screen we can see the value display.

Also, select “leakage detection and voltage detection” function

After entering the interface, select “voltage detection”>> click “OK” to continue

Touch the leakage detection cable to the battery

Black probe to negative, red probe to positive

Then you can see the display of test voltage.


That’s all. Please follow each step mentioned in this Xhorse blog to do battery test on your key tool max pro.