OBDSTAR P50 Review

About a month ago, I needed to buy something to SRS to repair my new cars from 2020, 2021, and 2022. Finally, I decided to buy OBDSTAR P50 airbag reset tool from OBD2GATE.com, and I would like to share my personal review of this product with all locksmiths.


  1. Open my P50 OBDSTAR case

After opening the box, I can see OBDSTAR P50 airbag reset tool, Main cable, P004 Adapter

P004 Jumper, and 12V2A Charger inside. OBDSTAR P50 comes with easy to operate interface, allowing me to finish the whole diagnostic process by simply following the step-by-step instructions on the device. Besides, I can feel the cable is of high quality. Furthermore, I appreciate the regular software updates it offers. These updates ensure that this device remains compatible with a wide range of vehicle models and keeps up with the latest industry advancements. This means that I can rely on the OBDSTAR P50 for long-term use and have confidence in its compatibility with future vehicle releases.




  1. OBDSTAR P50 test report

To reset the airbag in my Audi Q7 2018, I used OBDSTAR P50 airbag reset tool on bench, and I achieved successful results. Here is the bench pinout that I used, and it worked flawlessly.

bench pinout

operation success

  1. Highlight functions

Customer service from OBD2GATE.com also told me that if I want an airbag reset tool with mileage and oil light reset function, OBDSTAR P50 is also the best choice for me, but odometer reset and oil service reset function authorization is required to use this function.


In conclusion, OBDSTAR P50 airbag reset tool is reliable and easy to use. It offers regular software updates, high-quality cables, and key functions like mileage and oil light reset. It is highly recommended for efficient airbag repairs.