How to Program Benz W164 EIS -2009 with Autel IM608 II & GBox3

Here is a detailed guide to program new keys for a Mercedes Benz W164 ML 2007 all keys lost. You will need Autel Maxi IM608 II key programmer and Gbox3. This method also applies to W164 models from 2006 to 2008.


Required Equipment:

Autel IM608 II /IM508 with XP400 Pro

Lishi HU64 decoder

Autel G-box3

New BE key for programming (Xhorse BE key)


Programming Procedure:

1. Creating an Emergency Key

Use the Lishi HU64 auto pick to decode the door lock.

Write down the bitting information.

Cut key using the Xhorse dolphin xp005 key cutting machine.

In Xhorse app, choose “Cut by Bitting – HU64” and cut key blade with Dolphin XP005.

Typically done with a 1.5mm cutter, although in this case, it’s actually a 2.0mm cutter.

2. Removing the EIS

Take out the EIS located beneath the instrument cluster.

3. Calculating Password

In the IM608 II, navigate to Mercedes Benz > Mercedes > M/ML/GLE > 2006 to 2008, and confirm your selection.

Choose “Control Unit” function, followed by “All keys lost (Fast) > On bench (G box Fast) > W164/-2008.”

IM608 II will display a connection diagram with Gbox.

Follow these steps to program the key:

4. Read EIS data

Place the blank key into the IR keyhole on the programmer and then press the OK button.

Calculate the password

Successful password calculation within 20 minutes.

Note: If password calculation is problematic, orient the key simulator toward ignition on.
If you encounter problems while calculating the password, try holding the key simulator towards the ignition-on direction.


5. Writing the Key

Generate a key file.

Put the blank key into the IR keyhole on XP400 PRO programmer and press the OK button to write the BE key file.

Completing the All Keys Lost Programming

Place the new key into the EIS. If the red indicator light on the key illuminates and then turns off, the key learning has succeeded.

If the red indicator light remains on, attempt inserting and removing the key multiple times. Then reinstall the EIS into the vehicle.

Now, try out the new BE key –it starts the vehicle, the key programming is successful.

To sum up, this guide offers a detailed walkthrough for programming all lost keys for a Mercedes Benz W164 ML 2007 using Autel Maxi IM608 II and GBox3. The same method can be utilized for W164 models manufactured between 2006 and 2008.