Program Mercedes Benz AKL Using Autel Key Programmer

Autel Key Programmer works with Mercedes Benz for all key lost situations, enabling key programming and IMMO part replacement.

Autel Key Programmer Support List comprises Autel IM508 (requires XP400 Pro), MaxiIM IM608, and IM608 Pro. Please be aware that certain functions may require an additional adapter.

Modes EIS type Supported EIS type
Add key OBD/on bench EIS(CAN-line) W164 -2008、W164 2009-、W166、W169、W172、W197、W204、W207、W209 2006-、W211、W212、W216、W218、W221、W246、W251 -2008、W251 2009-、W639/2009-、W906
EIS(K-line) W202、W203、W208、W209、W210、W215(some supported)、W220、W230、W463、W639
All key lost OBD 3rd  CAN EIS W164 2009- 、W169、W172、W204、W207、W209/2006-、W211、W216、W251/2009-、W639/2009-、W906(use with G-BOX 8 time faster)
On bench 3rd Generation EIS: W164 -2008、W164/2009-、W169、W172、W204、W207、W209/2006-、W211、W216、 W221、W251/2009-、 W639/2009-、W906(use with G-BOX 8 time faster)
On bench EIS(K-line) W202、W203、W208、W209、W210、W215、W220、W463、W639(use with G-BOX 8 time faster)
IMMO part replacement OBD/on bench EIS replacement
W164/-2008、W164/2009-、W166、W169、W172、W197、W204、W207、W209/2006-、W211、W212、W216、W218、W221、W246、W251/-2008、W251/2009-、W202(K)、W203(K)、W208(K)、W209(K)、W210(K)、W215 (K)、W220 (K)、W230 (K)、W463 (K)、W639 (K)
OBD/on bench ELV replacement
W204、W207、W208、W210、W212、W169(NEC)、W209(NEC)、W211(NEC)、W906(NEC)、W209(Motorola)、W211 (Motorola)、W906(NEC)、W639/2009-、W906(Motorola)

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