Newest Update:Launch X-431 Smartlink B & C Software V1.

Launch X-431 latest Smartlink B & C Software V1. will come soon. The main content of this software update is UI optimization. Please ensure the network is normal and pay attention to the software prompts.

1. Launch X-431 UI optimization:

a) Removal of “WiFi/BT/USB” under the serial number

b)”Enter remote diagnostic” button changed to “Remote Diagnostic Mode

Clicking this button will direct users to the prompt of “Internet connection” or “WIFI configuration” to enter the SmartLink remote mode.

c) Settings button moved to the upper right corner

2. WIFl configuration optimization: last used WIFl names and passwords recorded to reduce password entry

3. Addition of boot upgrade function in settings to address slow initiation (3-5 mins) for some dongles. It could be fixed by this button to update.

4. Optimization of English Translation

5. Optimization of the expert mode

6. Other optimizations

Update method:

After the dongle is powered up, click “Enter remote diagnostic“–“Setting“—“System update” to update Launch X-431 V1.

Alright, that’s all info on Launch X-431 Smartlink B & C Software V1., Please update now to get the latest function and better experience!