Launch VS. Autel, Which one is Best?

Launch and Autel are two well-known brands that produce automotive diagnostic tools. Both brands offer a range of products with different features and price points.
The launch is a Chinese company that has been in the automotive diagnostic tool industry since 1992. It offers a wide range of diagnostic tools, including handheld scanners, diagnostic tablets, and advanced diagnostic systems. Launch products are known for their accuracy, speed, and user-friendly interfaces. They are also competitively priced and have good customer support.
Autel is another Chinese company that specializes in diagnostic tools, including handheld scanners, diagnostic tablets, and advanced diagnostic systems. Autel products are known for their advanced features, including bi-directional control and programming capabilities. They also have a reputation for being durable and reliable.
Next, let’s take a look at the difference between Launch and Autel to make it easier for you to choose.

  1. Software startup and protection
    Launch x431 is built on VCI, so if you lose your VCI you will have to buy one and transfer your account to it. If you lose your tablet, all you need to do is buy it and log in with your username and password.
    Autel built the software on the tablet so if you lose the tablet it’s all lost, if you lose the VCI then you can easily buy the VCI.

2. Additional devices added to the device
Launch allows you to add key programming, however, Autel does not have this option, you need to buy a device separately.
If you need your Autel device to have both scanning and key programming, choose the IM608 Pro II.

Launch X-431 PAD VII allows you to add a TPMS TGGUN to program the TPMS sensor, Autel doesn’t have the option to add this device, you need to buy it separately too, like TS501, and TS601.

Some models of Autel have built-in TPMS functions, such as MaxiPro MP808TS and Maxicheck MX808TS.
Both Launch and Autel allow you to add a borescope camera and a battery tester.

3. Key programming
Autel is better. Requires MaxiIM(IM508, IM608 PROII) tablet but not MSUltra.

4. TPMS sensor programming and relearning
Autel is better than Launch. But requires Autel’s standalone TPMS scanner.

5. Price
Autel is more expensive than Launch. And Autel Update Subscription is more expensive than Launch. Autel products are typically more expensive than Launch products, but they also offer more advanced features.

6. Report
Both provide users with scan reports, but Autel Ultra has a cloud foundation that giving you the option to download reports easily.

7. Heavy-Duty Scanner
Launch heavy duty i.e LAUNCH X431 V+ and HD III add-on is better, cheaper, and easier to use than MaxiSys CV.
Autel has the option to purchase only stand-alone equipment while allowing heavy modules to be added.