CG FC200 New Version Update

CG FC200 Software V1.1.2.0 is set to be released soon, and it comes with exciting updates that will make the ECU programmer even more powerful. Among the updates are models added to the FC200 V1.1.2.0. The models added are:

GM ECU: E37 E39A E78 E80 E83

ST10 ECU: M7.4.4, ME7.4.3, ME7.4.4

These models will now be supported by the CG FC200 ECU programmer, giving users more options to work with.

Additionally, the FC200 V1.1.2.0 update comes with the addition of checksum support for:


VW EGS: DL382, DL501 Gen2

GM ECU: E38 E39 E39A E67

This feature will make the ECU programming process more accurate and reliable, resulting in better vehicle performance.

Moreover, the Lovol harvester ECU EDC17CV53 “Time Fix” function has been added to the CG FC200 V1.1.2.0 update. This function will fix the time issue on the Lovol harvester ECU, improving its efficiency and ensuring optimal performance.

Finally, the FC200 V1.1.2.0 update also comes with bug fixes that will improve the overall stability and reliability of the ECU programmer. These bug fixes will ensure that users can use the CG FC200 ECU programmer with ease and confidence.

In conclusion, the CG FC200 Software V1.1.2.0 update is set to be a game-changer in the world of ECU programming. With the addition of new models, checksum support, and bug fixes, users will have an even more reliable and powerful tool to work with.