IM608 II Add Prox Key to Subaru 2015 OK

This blog will show you how to add a prox key to a Subaru 2015 using Autel IM608 2 key programming tool.

To get started, hit the start button 2 times to wake up the car.

Choose “IMMO” on your MaxiIM IM608 Pro II, accept the terms of agreement.

Choose “IMMO” on MaxiIM IM608 Pro II

accept the terms of agreement.

Go to VIN>> and do all the detect

Go to VIN>> and do all the detect

Wait a few moments

With this vehicle, normally it would already detect the car, but for this one we’re gonna have to do manual selection.

Manual selection>>area>>model>>year>>key type>>immo status scan

Note: note if you have any DTCs on the car faults, you want to make sure you will go ahead and clear it. So you are gonna do quick erase DTC.

After that, you’re gonna tap add key.

tap add key.

Confirming that you’re gonna be adding key, hit “yes”.

It’s making a special note that “during the learning period, please make sure that all doors are in current positions”, so we hit “ok”.

Now it’s asking us for the original registered key to the car.

You’re gonna hear one beep that confirms that we have the key.

And now it’s gonna ask us, do you have the key file that you want to add to the car?

So we do have it here. It’s gonna say two beeps and it’s also gonna tell us how many keys have been added.

Once we’re done. If we’re not adding more keys, we’re gonna hit “OK”.

Now it’s telling us to turn the car off.

After that we have sixty seconds to turn the car back on, just to confirm what we’ve learned, learning successful.

In summary, this article provides a concise guide on using Autel IM608 2 key programming tool to add a proximity key to a 2015 Subaru vehicle. By following the outlined steps, all locksmiths can successfully program the key and ensure a seamless learning process for their Subaru.