Can IM608 II Do Benz/BMW Coding/Programming?

One customer asked if MaxiIM IM608 PRO II has the ability to do online scan coding/programming for Mercedes and online programming for BMW?

The answer is:

Autel IM608 Pro2 does not support cloud-based programming for Mercedes and BMW through the Autel cloud server. While it does offer BMW online coding capabilities, it has no functionality for online SCN coding for Mercedes.

IM608 II primarily focuses on ECU coding, but its ECU programming capabilities are limited, with only a few SCN and BMW module programming options available.


Autel IM608 diagnostic function

Function Yes or No
Auto VIN Yes
Scan VIN No
Scan license No
Remote Desk Yes
Pre & Post Scan Yes
WiFi printing No
Main functions, Read/Clear DTC, Datastream Yes
Service function Yes
Special functions Yes
Active test Yes
Coding Function
Benz online SCN coding No
BMW online coding Yes
Porsche online coding Yes
VW online coding Yes
Audi online coding No
BMW idrive Yes
VW Audi Skoda flash hidden functions Yes
VW Audi Skoda Seat Guided function Yes
Bentley guided function Yes
Benz online programming No
BMW online programming No
McLaren diagnosis Yes
Tesla diagnostic No
TPMS function No
Oscilloscope  MP408 Yes
Endoscope  MV105 MV108 Yes