IM608 Pro II Program Keys for Honda Accord via OBD Tutorial

Autel IM608 Pro 2 can easily and quickly program new keys for a 2020 Honda Accord using original key via OBD.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Connect IM608 Pro II and JVCI:

Ensure that Autel IM608 Pro 2 is connected to JVCI via Bluetooth.

Attach the J2534 Maxiflash JVCI ECU reprogrammer to the OBDII port of your vehicle. Initiate a Bluetooth connection between IM608 Pro II key programmer and JVCI.

2. Perform a Preliminary Scan

Scan for any issues before adding a new key to the vehicle.

Access IMMO on the tablet and accept the disclaimer.

Select “Honda” > “Manual selection” > “Accord” > “Smart key” > “Push to start”

Confirm the vehicle profile.

3. Detect Fault Codes

Select “IMMO status scan” and perform a scan to identify any fault codes for all modules associated with the anti-theft system.

Place a functional key into the vehicle.

Press Start button twice and verify that the ignition is activated.

The scan results show no issues.

4. Add a new key using the original key.

Choose ‘Add key (guided)’ from the options.

5. Press the ‘Start’ button to execute the function automatically.

Steps including Function initializing, Immo system check, Read key number, Immo security verification and original key programming.

Registration Conditions:

No DTCs present.

At least one registered keyless remote.

A keyless remote that can start the engine must be inside the vehicle.

Ignition switch must be turned on (ll) by the keyless remote (ignition key).

Key Registration Notes:

Reduce noise during registration: Turn off electrical devices, separate diagnostic tool from keyless remote, close windows/doors.

Turn ignition switch off; don’t press foot brake; press engine start/stop button.

Take one original keyless access remote inside the vehicle and remove others.

Press Start button twice to check if ignition is on.

Successful Key Programming:

Success prompts, continue to learn next key.

Remove all original keyless access remotes.

Insert the new key into the vehicle.

Register the new key smoothly.

Additional Keys and Testing:

Follow on-screen prompts on IM608 Pro II programmer to learn more keys or finish with one key.

Turn ignition switch off and on; keyless access and immobilizer lights should turn off.

Test new key by starting the engine, locking, and unlocking doors.

Completion and Testing:

Turn ignition off and then on.

Confirm that keyless access and immobilizer lights are off.

Move on follow the prompts.

Test new key by starting the engine and locking/unlocking doors.


If key adding fails, scan for anti-theft system issues.

Successful addition can be confirmed by scanning for any issues on the vehicle.


This straightforward process enables locksmiths to create new vehicle keys for Honda Accord 2020, even in cases of lost keys, using Autel IM608 Pro 2 and JVCI via OBD.