VVDI Mini Key Tool ID48 Cloning Limits and Costs

Customer inquiry: I want to buy Xhorse vvdi mini key tool. I need to know: what is the daily limit for cloning ID48 transponders? Is there a limit for cloning other transponders besides ID48? Also, will I be able to clone non-ID48 transponders after one year?

Answer provided by this Xhorse blog:

Each ID48 clone requires 100 points or 1 token. You can get the ID48 96bit authorization for free for one year, and one free token each day if you use Xhorse app and bind your device. If you need more tokens than the one free token per day, you need to buy them for extra. You can buy them from Xhorse app or from authorized dealers. The price may vary depending on the seller. 


For other transponders, there is no limit. You can clone them without tokens or points. After 1 year, you can still clone transponders other than ID48, but you may need to pay for the ID48 96bit authorization.

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Note: Xhorse XDKTMGEN mini key tool global version, with ID48 96-bit 1-year authorization. This configuration offers 1 free TOKEN every day for a year. Currently, the factory has stopped production, and the shipped products no longer come with the ID48 96-bit feature nor the 1-year authorization. You should contact sellers directly to verify the details before purchasing.


Where to get 1 Token Copy 48 and ID48 96bit For Xhorse Mini VVDI Key Tool: