GLK 250 cdiX204 AKL Solution with CGMB

Glk 250 cdiX204 (2012). All key lost! I programmed KeylessGo but work as a ordinary key. I used 41 rom, key CGDI Keyless. Does anyone know what the problem is?


What keyless key you are using?

The old type keyless key may not work.

Have you tried lock/unlock door by key ?

If also not work, check key frequency.

Question: how can i know if the key is old or new type?

Answer: For this EIS use ROM57 key or china BE.

I used china CGDI keylesGo key but available in menu only 41 or 51 rom, i used 41(keylesgo)

Answer: The new keyless MB key with ROM41 should work.
Your EIS is 212 type,
I have done several W212 keyless.
check the frequency, 315MHz or 433MHz.

As I said there are many keyless MB key.
And CGDI also has old type which may not work in W204 212.