XP005L Cut Auris 2017 Emergency Key Blade Toy48 Solution

A customer said that his Dolphin XP005L Xhorse key cutting machine cannot cut the emergency key blade Toy48 for a 2017 Auris. What can be done in this situation? 

Here are some solutions provided by OBD2GATE.com:

  1. You need key code. Take out the driver side key entry and you will have the code there,and also use the L look like shim.

  1. Use Toy40 6 bitting, try it with a test key

Use Xhorse clamp M2 and a thin layer of padding underneath. 


  1. Do not need the shim for the xp005l.
  • The new Xhorse M5 clamp allows you to do it without it.
  • Cut By Bitting>TOY40>TOY 40
  • Remark: Emergency Key (One Sided Key)
  • You have to type the bitting acquired by code. Choose between 4, 6 & 8 bitting.


  1. Do it under “Universal Duplication”, no issues at all.


  1. User problem, it can be doneby dolphin xp005l, take your time making sure the blade is centered correctly & clean

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  1. Lishi is also availableto solve this problem.