How to use Autel MP808Z-TS for VW Diagnosis and TPMS Sensor?

With the increasing integration of electronic control systems and advanced technology, modern vehicles have become more intricate and sophisticated. Consequently, this has resulted in new challenges when it comes to diagnosing and repairing vehicles. To address this, the Autel MP808Z-TS is an extensive and complete diagnostic tool that can assist technicians in rapidly and precisely identifying and resolving a broad range of vehicle issues. In this essay, we will explore the step-by-step procedures involved in diagnosing a Volkswagen ECU and identifying TPMS sensors using the Autel MP808Z-TS.

1. The first step in using MP808Z-TS is to upgrade the device. Once the upgrade is complete, the device is ready for diagnostics. To begin the diagnostics, we need to take out the VCI behind the device and connect it with GT105.

Click “EOBD” and then “Autoskan”, it will not work if the Volkswagen ECU is not an ordinary OBD2 protocol, as the device will fail to read.

In this scenario, we need to use the special diagnostic software of the tablet to read the ECU. Tap “Esc”, and swipe right to find “Volkswagen”. Click “System selection”, click “Diagnosis”, then severe “Control unit”, and “01-Engine Control module 1”. This will take us to the function menu, where we can tap “Trouble codes” to view any trouble codes present. To clear the trouble codes, click “Erase codes” below.

2. After clearing the trouble codes, we need to view real-time data by returning to the “function menu” and tapping “live data”. This will allow us to view any changes in the data while the engine is running, which can help us identify the cause of the problem. The Autel MP808Z-TS provides comprehensive data that can be used to diagnose a wide range of engine problems.

3. The MP808Z-TS can also be used to identify TPMS sensors. To begin, choose the car model you want and put the sensor on the top right of the device. Click “Check” to start identifying the sensor.

If a sensor with an ID is recognized, it indicates that the sensor has been programmed.

If we need to use another sensor, we can click “Check” to identify that there is no ID. The Autel MP808Z-TS can be used to program TPMS sensors, which is a critical aspect of maintaining vehicle safety.

In conclusion, the Autel MP808Z-TS is an excellent diagnostic tool that can help technicians quickly and accurately diagnose and repair a wide range of vehicle problems. The device provides comprehensive data that can be used to diagnose engine problems and can be used to program TPMS sensors. By following the steps outlined in this essay, technicians can effectively use the Autel MP808Z-TS to diagnose and repair vehicles.

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