How to Program Key for Renault Clio V 2021 with IM608 II?

Autel Maxi IM608 II/IM508 key programmer was able to make a flip key for Renault Clio V 2021. There are two methods available to make the key.

Method 1: Online OBD Programming

Effortless programming can be carried out directly online using the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) interface. This procedure requires no removal or installation within the vehicle. A nominal transaction fee of $8.8.

It’s important to note that when using OBD transactions, you can work with the same car three times within a 24-hour period without any cost. But if this time limit is exceeded, you will need to make another payment.

How to purchase Renault Security Gateway Function?

To procure the Renault Security Gateway function, you have several options:

  1. Automatically detect or manually select the Renault vehicle from the Diagnostic or Service section. If no usage times are available, a prompt will appear to purchase the Renault Security Gateway function.
  2. When the Renault vehicle is detected or manually chosen in the IM608 II/IM508 Diagnostic or Service area, and the vehicle is eligible for the function, an OEM Authorization icon will appear on the diagnostics toolbar. This icon facilitates the direct purchase of the function.
  3. If the Renault Security Gateway function has been purchased previously, customers can renew their subscription by accessing the OEM Authorization within the MaxiSys Job Menu.

Method 2: Free Cable-Based Programming

An alternative, cost-free method involves connecting the 16+32 Nissan/Renault cable to the car’s Gateway module. This operation requires disassembly up to the glove box’s rear. This approach allows for programming without any associated charges.

In certain models, the pin code is generated automatically. In contrast, other models necessitate the utilization of a 28-digit code from AUTEL. Because of the time zone difference between different places and China, the transaction might be postponed until the following day.

Therefore, locksmiths can choose from the 2 methods to program flip key for your Renault Clio V 2021 model with im608 Autel II.