How to add 2019 Ford Explorer smart key via OBD?

Here’s taking Autel IM608 Pro II to program a new smart key as a demonstration.
Connect IM608 Pro II tablet to OBD.

IMMO >> Accept >> Ford >> Automatic selection >> Read >> OK >> Smart key >> Yes >> Immo status scan >> Erase codes if having >> Add key >> Start

If the factory alarm of the vehicle is activated, you need to deactivate the factory alarm first before you can learn the keys.
Note: this procedure will not erase existing keys.
Notice: it is normal that the instrument panel turns black when performing this function.
Turn the ignition to the ON position or open and close the driver door 1 time.
Please wait about 3-10 minutes for security accessing.
Learned keys: 2
Place the smart key to be leaned into the slot, which is usually
In the armrest box;
In the cup holder.
In the glove box.
Learning key, please wait…
Current number of keys is 3.
Learning successful.
Press “Yes” to learn next key, “No” to complete.

Test the new key, it can work normally.