ECUHELP KT200 is same to FoxFlash or similar?

ECUHELP KT200 is same to FoxFlash or similar? They are similar tools, FoxFlash cloned the first batch of KT200, you will find that foxflash has yellow adapter, and KT200 has already eliminated the first batch, and there is no need yellow adapter for KT200 now.

And this is ECUHELP KT200 (add logo)mux:

Customer reviews:
1.Similarities: Both can read ECU and TCU.

2.Your ECUHELP KT200 support is very good i see if you like add more VR it will be better!

3.Offline mode: kt200 have offline mode now, just add a dongle ,it will become offline mode.

4.Full version and standard version: ECUHELP KT200 yes, FoxFlash no.
So KT200 is user friendly (pay more and get more activation, pay less and get less activation)

5. Foxflash works ok, but it’s an low cost KT200. Worse software. I recommend KT200. Much better, built quality and software.

KT200 full version works with car, boat, trucks, motorbikes, truck, tractors, MEDC17 CLONE functions, full system, full TCU gearbox support.

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