ECUHELP KT200 troubleshooting

Question on ECUHELP KT200 ecu programmer VW/Audi with data stored in OTP data area. Looks like there’s an update on the software about reading OTP, how to successfully clone on these ecu’s and cart start? without having to mod files, keeping IMMO?

Answer: Please firstly delete the trouble code, otherwise the car won’t start.

Question: I installed kt200 October version but it does not open so I updated November 1 it opens but when I want to read edc16c34 in bench it gives me this error What to do?

Possible reason:

If the time zone is inconsistent with the location, this error will be prompted.


In the computer settings, search for “time”, select the corresponding time zone, and synchronize the network time.

Step 1. Click on “Sync now”

Step 2. Turn on “Set the time automatically”.


The software opens and works well but sometimes it does not want to open I have to uninstall the driver and put it back. on the other hand the ×64 patch does not want to be installed on my Windows 10 64bit computer.

Symptom: The driver is missing, usually it prompts error 126 shown as below.


Install the patch package corresponding to the system, and it can run normally.

The 32-bit system corresponds to the X86 version, and the 64-bit system corresponds to the X64 version, just install it.

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