CGDI MB Solve Vito 639 New Key Start Ignition Problem

Question from one customer: All Vito 639 keys lost, new MB key won’t ignite. The diagnostics using CGDI MB indicate that the SID EZS and key are the same. Key in position 3, but the EZS has position No. 3 prohibited. Can CGDI activate position 3 or shift the key’s position?

No key data access without ignition. Have Star Xentry and CGDI tools.

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Solutions provided by

  1. Best way is to use CGDI MBprogrammer with ac adapter and read eis on bench.
  2. Read password (all key lost). Renew and rewrite the ezs.

Note: You can enable a position, but it’s probably also locked in the ELV and ECU. You shouldn’t order keys from the dealer for such old cars without first checking if nobody was there before.

  1. Use programmer vvdi prog read full dump-load on cgdi computer key-write key-active ke

Customer feedback:

  1. The vehicle starts VITO 639 – I used an adapter and lost all the keys.I made a new key.


  1. As for free up position three: I found an EIS unit that is not marked as an EIS dealer. I deleted it and uploaded the contents of the original unit. I assigned the key to position three (the original key) and added the BGA key to position eight. On the table, everything worked, but in the car, only the BGA key worked. I loaded the ESL and found out that key three is disabled here too. I made a correction to the ESL. Both keys now work great. However, I still need to buy a programmer or even another device to handle the problem-the VIN and the mileage were not overwritten.

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